Janssen – Cilag

Janssen – Cilag is a pharmaceutical company that today is a subsidiary of drug and personal care products giant Johnson & Johnson. Janssen – Cilag was founded in the early 1950’s in a merger between the drug company Cilag and Janssen Pharmaceutica.

Janssen – Cilag History

Janssen Cilag is one of the top ten pharmaceutical companies in the United Kingdom today. In 1947, Ortho Pharmaceuticals was bought by the Johnson & Johnson group and set up as a base in the UK in Buckinghamshire. Johnson & Johnson continued to expand its interests in pharmaceutical companies in Europe well into the 1950’s, buying Swiss company Cilag Chemie in 1959 and the Belgian drug company Janssen Pharmaceutica in 1960. Both companies had very recently become successful multinational companies from small research laboratories.

Ortho was moved to headquarter in Buckinghamshire in the early 1950’s and Janssen moved into its first Buckinghamshire offices in 1974. Janssen went on to move that office to Oxfordshire about ten years later. In 1982, Ortho was now called Ortho Cilag and in 1988, finally became Cilag.

Janssen – Cilag Operations

Cilag and Janssen combined to become what is known as Janssen- Cilag in 1995 and all operations were moved to the Saunderton, Buckinghamshire offices at that time. Since then, the company has moved to High Wycombe and remains headquartered there to this day. The company also maintains an office in Dublin, Ireland and to date, Janssen- Cilag employs a staff of more than 500 people. It has since absorbed drug discovery laboratory Tibotec into its operations in April of 2002. At that time, Johnson & Johnson acquired Tibotec and made the lab a division of Janssen- Cilag.

Janssen – Cilag Vision

One of the world’s best known and leading research pharmaceutical companies today, Janssen – Cilag researches, develops, produces and markets drugs and medicines in a wide range to include pain relief products, women’s health products, HIV/ AIDS medicines, Oncological pharmaceuticals, neurological pharmaceuticals, mental health medicines (specifically for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia) and much more.

Janssen – Cilag has a well-known and distinguished legacy in mental health research and drug development. For the last fifty years, the company has been working to improve treatment options and the quality of life for people suffering with schizophrenia.

Janssen – Cilag has worked hard to create and maintain its fine reputation for research and innovation. In seeking to stay on the cutting edge of research and development, the company has released innovative antipsychotic medications for schizophrenia, a protease inhibitor for people suffering from HIV/ AIDS, and the first long lasting atypical antipsychotic.

Key Facts

With its eye towards development and innovation through research and responsible marketing, Janssen – Cilag has distinguished itself with having many products listed on the World Health Organization’s Model List of Essential Medicines. This list acknowledges drugs, medicines and pharmaceuticals worldwide that are essential to a person’s basic health needs. Some of the Janssen – Cilag products that are listed include micronazole, mebendazole and haloperidol.

Janssen – Cilag remains on the forefront of biotechnology and remains focused on research and development of drugs that revolve around sequencing the genome, leading to promising future advances in diabetes, obesity, and more.



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